Digital Ink

With so many American households online, an internet presence can be an effective tool for your business or organization.


Have any of your customers said: “I didn’t know you guys were here”? Businesses benefit from having a marketing and advertising tool available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to clients and prospective customers who have questions about store location, business hours, and the services you offer.

Churches, Organizations

Church web sites are useful for reaching people new to the community, those in need of prayer or help, and keeping your congregation informed about upcoming events. An effective site will allow visitors to understand your vision and get to know your pastor and congregation before they ever step through your doors. People often log on to find directions, service times, and special program information.

We work with you to find the specific design and features that will reach your target audience. Our staff has designed websites for businesses, churches, and organizations. Some of the services we offer include:

  • WordPress-style site design and maintenance
  • domain registrations
  • banner and logo design
  • graphic design
  • upload your website to your webhost. We offer competitive hosting as well.
  • clients can provide content in electronic format: via email, Microsoft Word, or rich text format. Additional fees apply to convert printed materials into electronic formats, or if you request rewrite and/or editing.

…ask about specialized technical services. We are equipped to handle your site from start to finish, and also offer:

  • photography
  • create custom movies and video for your website, including live interviews, special events
  • building your digital video footage into a professional video presentation
  • converting videos to web-compatible formats

WordPress has dramatically simplified the process for end users to maintain their own web site once it is created by Scribbles & Scribes. We can direct you to the tools to get you started.